December – Patterning

In December we will be working on the important job of patterning.  We will explore AB, ABC, ABB, ABCD patterns and many more.  a pattern is a repetition of a designated item such as a block, color, shape, even the children themselves.  Patterns surround us in nature, in clothing, in music and in written text.  Patterns can be created, copied and extended.  Patterning is important to math learning because recognizing, copying, extending and creating patterns will help children develop an awareness of sequence which is necessary before understanding skip counting, odd and even numbers and ordering.  Copying patterns also begins an unconscious recognition of one-to-one correspondence which we will be exploring next month.

So far we have developed our understanding of math concepts by exploring materials, spatial relationships and classification.  As we move into understanding patterning we will be building the bridge to understanding important math concepts like ordering and numeration.

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