About Our Teachers

Mrs. Sandy

Mrs. Sandy has worked in the field of Early Learning since 1985.  She is the director of our program and is passionate about providing quality early learning experiences for children.  Continuing education is important to her and she strives to stay abreast of all of the current research in brain development.  She brings this knowledge to our staff and uses it to inform our practice with children.

Mrs. Kathy

Mrs. Kathy is a lead teacher in our pre-k classroom.  Mrs. Kathy has been working in Early Learning for 41 years.  She works hard to make sure her class is prepared for kindergarten by providing an environment that is enriching and exciting.  Her classroom maintains a balance between structure and exploration that is meant to support the development of each child as an individual while preparing them for the higher learning that is to come.


Mrs. Sara

Mrs. Sara is a substitute teacher in all of our classrooms.  Mrs. Sara has been working with children since opening her own home based day care in 1996. She has a heart for The Lord and for working with our youngest learners.  She works to create loving supportive relationships with families and children that form a bridge from home to the safe harbor of school.

Mrs. Megan

Mrs. Megan is an experienced preschool teacher who has worked in the field of education for 6 years.  She is an enthusiastic teacher who creates a fun, wonder-filled environment for the kids in her care.  She is dedicated to improving outcomes for children in preschool and making sure the transition to kindergarten is successful for each of her students.  She co-teaches with Mrs. Sara to create a nurturing, welcoming environment for her students.

Mrs. Amanda

Mrs. Amanda has been working at the ROCK Childcare for 5 years. She has a natural ability as a teacher and nurturer which makes her ideally suited to work with some ofour earliest learners – our two year olds.  She comes to the classroom with an inherent ability to create positive relationships and secure bonds with the children in her care.  She takes the time to get to know her children and their families in a way that lets them know they are truly loved as individuals.

Mrs. Sandy Stahl

Mrs. Sandy Stahl – Mrs Sandy has been working with children in a Christian environment for 3 years. She is dedicated to helping our students receive the best care and education possible. She loves creating beautiful environments in which her students and play and learn.

Mrs. Melissa C.

Mrs. Melissa C. – Mrs. Melissa C. is a dedicated preschool teacher who has worked in many programs over the years, including Head Start. Her calm, loving demeanor is a big attraction for the children in our program. She brings a warm, loving element to all of the exceptional activities she plans for her students.

Mrs. Melissa W.

Mrs. Melissa W. – Mrs. Melissa W. is a wonderful care teacher for our infants and toddlers. She has worked in the early childhood field along with an extensive career caring for the elderly and disabled. She has a kind heart, loving hands and a remarkable ability to get a baby to sleep! Our infants and toddlers faces light up when Mrs. Melissa walks into the room.

Mrs. Regina

Mrs. Regina – Mrs. Regina works with our infants and toddlers to create a warm, home like environment. She is very conscientious and maintains their daily records and meticulously maintains their care routines. She is skilled at recognizing non verbal cues and fast on her feet to meet the needs of her students.

Mrs. Brittany

Mrs. Brittany – Mrs. Brittany is an assistant in our preschool program. She has a background in working with developmentally challenged children and is adept at planning activities to support their development. She works diligently to create experiences for the students in all of our classrooms to  make their preschool day fun and filled with learning.