About Our Campus


The Calvary Chapel Lake arrowhead Preschool and Infant Care Center is located on the grounds of the Calvary Chapel Lake Arrowhead Church.  The preschool and infant/toddler care are housed in separate buildings designated for children who are between 6 weeks and 5 years of age.  Our hours of operation are 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  We are a year round school.  We operate a traditional preschool from the Tuesday after Labor Day to the Friday after Memorial Day.  During the summer we operate a summer program during which we do a lot of outdoor learning and exploration on our beautiful campus.  We are located at 101 Grandview Road, Twin Peaks, Ca.

Preschool Classrooms

The CCLA ROCK Childcare has 4 classrooms.  Our classrooms are spacious and designed to accommodate up to 38 children combined.  The program offers a small group environment which we know is crucial to a positive experience for our students.  The classrooms are equipped with a variety of furniture and manipulatives that provide opportunities to enhance and support your child’s development.  We have designed our program to give your child the maximum indoor and outdoor space to learn, grow and thrive.

The classrooms are used to separate our students into developmental groups so that the curriculum and peer groups can be as developmentally appropriate as possible.  We have four classes consisting of the Baby Bears, the Busy Bees, the Blooming Butterflies and the Rowdy Raccoons.  Your child will be placed in the group that has the best peer group and curriculum to support their development.  Each child is an individual and we do not put children in classrooms simply based on chronological age.  Children are always placed with the teacher and peer group that will best support their success at school.

Our classrooms operate on a daily schedule that will remain routine with consistent times for activities such as outdoor exploration, circle time, snack, free play, lunch time, art, literature, problem solving and critical thinking activities.  These times are designed to be consistent to give your child a sense of security and expectation during their school day.  The daily schedule is posted in each classroom.

Outdoor Play Area

Two fenced outdoor play areas are located on our campus. Our gross motor play ground is located about 30 yards north of the office and our Busy Bees classroom.  Children will be escorted by teachers to the playground and supervised at all times.  The area is covered with wood chips for cushioning and is equipped with climbing equipment, swings, and slides to facilitate the development of children’s gross motor skills.  The playground also provides an area shaded by trees for children to utilize for resting or play under during warm days.

Our second fenced play area is our outdoor classroom.  We call this our building playground.  We work with many natural materials in this area.  We experiment with sand, water, wood, lizards, frogs, birds, mud, plants and wind.  We have a gardening area, a mud kitchen and a giant sandbox.  Free exploration of natural materials is essential to healthy brain development and we take advantage of this fantastic space to nurture our growing understanding of nature.